Real Men

If I have to wait in the cold I’ll take it like a man… I miserably die
If you kiss me, darling, I’ll feel blessed… and get impatient
If you don’t like me, honey, don’t do this… you’ll miss me

Bitterly I cry

If anyone criticizes me I’ll take it like a real man… killing him
If I don’t feel man enough I’ll do gym… yeah, that’s me, so tough
If I’m too lazy I’ll call myself intellectual… self-confident

Satisfy me

I believe in equal rights: feminism, trans… that I grant
If there are two good options I will take the third… just for fun
If there’s no reason for anything I’ll find one… let’s say two

Don’t be a fool

If no one takes a risk I’ll do, with my own hands… and a gun
So call me a hero, brilliant, selfless… unbelievably cool
Do you believe in love? I do. Your boss, your president, I’m you

You’ll miss me

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